Lupita Nyongo Boss Look

Hi, welcome to 2021. In today's blog discussion, I am sharing a few products I put together on my ShopStyle Collective page (you can shop directly from these links). These product picks are inspired by the fashionable Lupita Nyongo whose style I've followed since she had her fairytale debut at the Oscars in 2014 

I stumbled on today's photo by deliberately searching the phrase 'Lupita Nyongo in blazers.' Firstly, I was taken aback by the bland looks suggested by google while exploring fashion ideas that could be a good fit for Google SEO rankings when looking for 'female board meeting looks,' and 'Work outfits for Women.' But my troubles were not limited to the scant image suggestions or boring looks but also to the few black women featured. I've been unsettled in that regard!

Last year, a lot of tech bias was highlighted when people stepped forward to echo an end to systemic racism and injustice, which was sparked by unfortunate events in the US. As someone who contributes content to the internet and has the ability to skew the data towards a somewhat positive line, I am hoping to reduce bias on the internet through content post like this. 

They say little drops make an ocean isn't it? 

What are your thoughts on this look and do you see yourself rocking it? I'll love to know in the comment box below.  


For some reason, this year, asides the current global health challenges is giving me 2016 vibes. But I cannot say asides right, because the current challenges are people's reality that I cannot just scoff at. I have  enjoyed blogging  and I am excited to see the blog would be 10-years, this year. A huge milestone that I could not envisage when I decided to create it. It's been a pleasure watching this community grow and expand and to see the amazing feat my readers have achieved- including creating their own blogs and growing their social media channels by sharing their own stories. 

To continue to keep the excitement, I am bringing back more intentional content on this page, from fashion and lifestyle to home decorations and home activities. The current stay home trend means a lot of you would be looking for inspiration on how to spend your time and I hope I'm able to inspire you a great deal.

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    1. I love it too. Spotting trendy looks for work can be a challenge on the internet. I'm glad you loved it.


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