12 February 2021

A Singles Guide to Having a Great Valentines Day in 2021 (6)

Valentines is a few days away! For so many single people this year, the pressure would be minimal, except of course, you decide to spend most of your day online (I don't advice that).

Our single moments should be spent exploring what brings us so much joy. @t2pitchy

Well, this is my 6th year documenting being single on Valentines Day, while offering tips on how other singles can spend theirs. In full transparency, I was sure the streak would have been broken by the 4th guide, I wrote a short blurb on why am I still single, but here we are again still joyful and single. As years have passed, I have gotten somewhat comfortable with being by myself on Valentines day.

I will admit that when I began this yearly series in 2016, a bit grumpy and when I wrote the first guide it acted as a catharsis. But as years have passed, and I am currently writing this with so much warmth over a cup of tea - because not only am I enough, but the decision to have a partner has to be a well thought out plan and that takes time.

Although, as the first child of my parents, understand that this joyful trip of taking my time is making my parents uncomfortable to say the least. So let's get into the singles guide for a wholesome Valentines Day while being single.

One way not to feel alone on Valentines day is to give love, even when you're not receiving

Amazon/Hulu/Netflix and Chill: Remember how I advised at the start of today's blog not to spend your time online, well technically, you can but in a way that benefits you. I mean what would 2020 have been without streaming services, they roused our spirit and provided us a shared identity (*coughs in Bridgerton). Sadly, I cannot recommend any content for you to watch on Valentines, but Parade wrote on 25 romantic comedies for single ladies in 2020 and you may find something worthwhile. If you're one to often bemoan your singleness, watching a movie or series can help you pass away time on Valentines day.

Virtual Friendship Hangout: In previous guides, I did advocate for a singles get together, see here. But that has changed slightly, with the recent public health crisis where large gatherings aren't advisable. Well, virtual hangouts provide a similar comfort except the physical presence. Create an invite for Sunday and send out to your singles network for a Valentines hangout, and y'all can chat, mingle, and who knows a spark might fly and you won't need to read this next year.

Order yourself a good Brunch, Flowers and Gifts: Good news, Valentines this year falls on a Sunday, so you get to have a full day to yourself. You know that thing they say about self love being the best love (*winks). I got myself a rare vintage 1951 perfume as a Valentines gift to myself. Find something you love that you can afford, and spoil yourself a little. Our single moments should be spent exploring what brings us so much joy.

Write Personalized Cards Virtual Card/Letters to Your Friends: Everything has been made easier with virtual tools and you can achieve almost anything online. I love letters and personalized notes, they have a way of cheering me up! One way not to feel alone on Valentines day is by giving love, even when you're not receiving. Also, romantic relationships are not the only place people find and receive love- I've received the best form of love from my friendships. I'll write a couple of letters to a few friends, thanks to being inspired by this post (I know what you may thinking), despite I wrote it.

Also, romantic relationships are not the only place people find and receive love

Read a Fashion Magazine: I found a hobby last year, that made me smile and often left me curious- reading fashion publications like Vogue, Essence and Elle magazine. People who write for these top magazines are extremely talented and write into your imagination. Their Valentines issue, will be no different. Vogue recently highlighted top romantic comedies of all time and its a great read that I can recommend.

Bake: Although, we may have left behind baking banana bread there are other fun things to bake on Valentines day to help you enjoy your day. I know baking can be intimidating especially for beginners and so I scouted the internet to find a concise list for recipes on easy things to bake.

That's all the tips I can think of for now, I'm sure as a reader you might have some great recommendations, and I'll love to hear it.

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  1. Hi Gigi, this year I’m single 😂 already planned out a virtual hangout with a couple of friends. We’d be holding our glasses filled with whatever and cheering to another of being single or not being single. Who knows

  2. That's super cool. I'll try to get some sleep, to prepare for the week ahead.


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