2 February 2021

Gifting: Creating a Birthday Wishlist for You!

It's 4 days to my birthday everyone, and I just want to relax and be taken care of. This week has been challenging, as I have to postpone my move-in date to my apartment. Somehow, I haven't figured out how to house haunt in DC and it's stressing me out...`

But this post isn't to rant about the series of unfortunate events that plagued me this weekend. I have decided to enjoy my birthday week and to bring y'all along (*swings open imaginary door, welcome).

At the beginning of the year, I had so much to add to my birthday wishlist but a few of them have been sorted by me and some good friends. I have created a mini birthday register with my birthday wishlist and a mailing box address, where it can be delivered. My cash app details ($GraceAlex).

Send your letters and gifts to

Grace Chimezie

405 Fannon St


Alexandria, VA 22301

A lot of fuss about birthdays, but it's the one time I get myself in a celebratory mood. I've had two memorable birthday events; when I clocked 18 and another at 21. Both were organized by my mentors, and I got two (2) birthday cakes for both celebrations, four (4) outfit changes and a whole few gifts. As years passed, my birthday celebrations have become rather quaint and less festive.

In recent years I have spent my birthday reflecting and evaluating my friendships. This year isn't any different with the exception of celebrating with less premonition! Oh, that's the part I didn't really divulge earlier on. For 4-years, I have spent my birthdays on edge! Something wrong was either going or was going to go wrong. Two in recent events come quickly to memory.

The first was in 2019, I was sent off from grad school on my birthday, such a terrible but also memorable experience.

Second, was last year, I was about to be unemployed for a min and I couldn't bask in all the cheers from my birthday, I still found a way to make it memorable.

This year is a bit chilled and I plan to take care of myself and unbox your gifts...let the countdown begin

*List of Authors to send my way

James Baldwin ( a set of his books)

Toni Morrison (A set of her books)

Plus a vinyl record of Eartha Kitt

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