21 March 2021

5 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen On a Budget

Kappa Frying Pans from Darling Spring

Simple Kitchen Upgrade

Spring is here and so is everyone's desire to re-organize and upgrade spaces that are important to them. So, let's talk about Kitchens and ways to upgrade them for spring. I have chosen weekends on the blog to talk about about 'Echoes from Home,' and I love that it's fast becoming my readers favorite section. I decided to add this segment to the blog, because I've enjoyed reading about interior design, pining home related blogs and stories on Pinterest and designing my space. It's something I love to do outside fashion. What I've learned in the process is that people need help, recommendation, and affordable means to achieve their dream home.

Today on the blog, I'll highlight five simple ways to upgrade your kitchen for spring. Spring is a beautiful season to declutter and upgrade parts of our homes; like our wardrobes and living rooms. But often, we forget that our also kitchen needs some love. Here are a few simple ways to upgrade your kitchen for spring.

Colorful Pans and Pots for Spring

Gone are the days of having boring cookware grace our kitchens. There is a new trend of introducing colourful kitchen wares into our homes, and I love it. I have linked a few brands ranging from affordable to luxury brands, like CarawayOur PlaceGreat JonesCutlery and More, to shop.


Cutlery and More

Vintage Glass Organizer Jar with Lid for Kitchens

There is something visually pleasing about transparent canister jars for storage. They're multi-purpose and come in different sizes and shapes. They're often used to store spices, and I recommend them if you're looking to spring-up your kitchen this season. Here is the direct link to purchase some HomaryCrate and Barrel and Wayfair.


Changing Your Kitchen Towels

A simple change in your kitchen towels can give a sense of newness and a fresh spin to your kitchen. Kitchen towels are often the most used item in the kitchen and need to be changed. What's most calming is that it is an affordable addition to the kitchen. These are a few recommended links; the bamboo bum towels from Tushy, organic waffle kitchen towels from CoyuchiFig, Linens and HomeLinen Di.


Add a Wall Shelf

Adding a shelf to the wall may be all you need to declutter. Usually, our kitchen slabs look disorganized and untidy due to the number of items we place on them- adding a wall shelf can give an uplift to your kitchen. Also, assign spaces for utensils, plates and spices. There are numerous YouTube DIY tutorials to help you install wall shelves; here is one of my favorites to click through.

Image credit: The Nord Room

Kitchen Drawer Partition

This helps to arrange cutlery and other kitchen appliances in an orderly manner, so they're easily accessible.

let it unfold

Add Kitchen Labels

Labelling makes everything better! It is also a simple way to give a fresh feel to your kitchen space and your eyes can dart and recognize items you're looking for. I also suggest adding tags to cabinets doors for easy access to items, to manage time and prevent disorganization. Shop minimal pantry labels from Torerageorge

What are your suggestions on simple ways to design spaces, not just kitchens? I will love to hear from you.


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