1 March 2021

8 Photo Inspiration: How to Design Mini-Bedrooms

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I recently moved to a new apartment with a bedroom smaller than I expected (I'm still pissed off about it) and have had to resort to searching photo inspirations for small bedrooms to design the room to fit my taste and needs. So finding ways to make my room work has led me to spend an inconsiderable amount of time on Pinterest, Google and IG, seeking inspiration. What I've learned is that color schemes, wall art and accessorizing can make all the difference.

Color Palette from Lazy Loft

Choose a Color Pallete

The first decision is to choose a color scheme that works, it helps to streamline your thought, and the items that are added to the space.

I have found a few ways to blend the design and make it feel spacious and comfortable. Here are a few ideas to help you design a mini-room that works, I am doing the work so you don't have to. Also, it's a new month, welcome to March, wishing my readers a lovely month ahead.

The Minimalist Designed Room


The Mid-Century Design

The mid-century room decor, is sophisticated and elegant with a lot of wooden detail introduced in the 1950s and 1960. It's still the popular choice of design for most rooms, see the "Sorry Girls" do a room make over for their mini-room space.

Here are a few brands to check out, when deciding on pieces to add to your space: Chairish, Burrow, All Modern, West Elm

The Eclectic Design

The Scandinavian Bedroom Decoration

My Scandinavian Home

The Bohemian/ Boho chic Bedroom Decoration


The Farm House Decoration

Hallstrom Home

The urban-modern Decoration

Let me know in the comment session your favorite choice? Don't forget to read previous blog post "Wardrobe Revamp Ideas for Spring Summer 2021"


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