10 March 2021

Bedroom Reveal: First Look at My Minimalist Mid-Century Decoration

This is my first bedroom reveal and I'm writing about my minimalist choice for my mid-century bedroom decoration. Most of my time this year has been spent packing, unpacking, and figuring out what to do with my apartment. One thing is sure, furnishing an apartment is tasking, from the design to financial perspective, once you go through the process yourself, you have a new layer of respect your parents and people with fully furnished homes.

Linen Bedsheet from 1800 bedsheet

I spent a month thinking through what design approach to go with for my bedroom because it was smaller than I expected it to be. The first step I took was to look up inspiration for designing mini-bedrooms and figure out what brands I could afford to add to my room space.

Bedframe find similar at Chairish, blanket from Berkshireblankets.com

I chose the mid-century design aesthetic for my bedroom, based off its grandeur and the timeless feel that pieces under the aesthetic embody. If you've followed me long enough or read my blog for the past decade, my aesthetic choice won't come as a surprise. I'm always drawn to 1900's aesthetics for fashion, music, film and interior.

Find similar dresser at Livingspaces, Jossandmain, and midcentury warehouse

Similar nightstand can be found at Allmodern, English Elm, Chairish

Bed table/Nightstand

The rug from Burrow is the highlight of my space. I opted for a creamy-like rug with a bit of detail and I did not regret my choice.

The High Noon Rug from Burrow

My workspace will definitely be remodeled to fit the rest of the aesthetic. I really don't like the plant and the way it looks currently.

Working Space

Spindle Chair and Vinyl record player

Spindle chair, shop similar on country side Amish furniture , Homethreads or Chairish

There will be more updates on the shelf, wall art and accents added to the space. Stay tuned



  1. This is such a gorgeous space. I love the aesthetic. Also this is making me want to start from scratch and re decorate my room. I feel like I didn’t do it with much intention the first time & rushed through.

  2. I know the feeling. Don't feel pressured, you can start off by decluttering and then adding items gradually.

  3. Love the vinyl record player! It definitely comes with its charm.

  4. Hey Chika,

    Excited to have you back on the blog. Yes, the Vinyl gave a unique spin to the room.


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