4 April 2021

How to Create a Cozy Inviting Bed With Linen Fabric

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Atlinia linen duvet cover

Ever wondered how you could create a cozy and inviting bed, just like you see movies or your favorite magazine? And have you tried out linen fabric when you layer your bed? Until recently, I had not tried out linen fabric as my bedding choice. In fact, before adulthood happened, I barely paid attention to my beddings, from the choice of fabric and color or how it fits into my aesthetic. Recently, I tried to replicate similar aesthetic in my room with a khaki linen blend duvet cover and pillow casing from Atlinia 55% linen and 45% cotton some khaki . The result was as I imagined.

In the vintage movies I loved, linen fabric were the preferred choice of material to use when making a bed. The images on screen were attractive and made me want to find myself on the set and lay on the bed and If you've read some of my old bedroom blog posts like how to design a mini-bedroom or how to design a cozy bedroom, you'll realize that I am into very well designed vintage rooms.

How to Create a Cozy Inviting Bed With Linen Fabric

So here is my advice below if you're looking to improve your bedding situation:

Color and Texture

Start by eliminating colors that don't work and choose colors that make your bedroom feel like home. But note that our taste in color may be different than mine but pay attention to fabrics that can absorb sweat and regulate your body temperature. Check out these vintage linen-inspired flat sheets in a range of colors that are adorable. I have gone through a few iterations of flat sheets myself but I've chosen to keep things pretty simple.

A lovely Duvet

Duvets are the life of the party. They give a room style that the light weighted blankets alone cannot give. I know there are people who would prefer a monochrome tones but I added an earth tone spin with the duvet cover set. I also like to keep my duvet folded so it's easy to pull over at night time.

Spindle chair and Laptop

Perfect Pillow Cover

Having a pillow covers that match your duvet is one way to unify all the elements in your room. I loved how my pillow cover fit with my blanket and didn't throw off the aesthetic I was aiming for.

Let me know in the comment section what are your own tricks to an inviting room?


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