10 April 2021

Spring Edits: My Favorite Trendy Style Choices For April

April comes with the fresh smell of spring flowers, a little rainfall here and there, and lots of spring style choices. I love creating fashion edits, for spring, summer, or fall. It allows me reflect on trendy style choices I had the previous year. Also helps to streamline my shopping goals for a particular season. I am excited to share some f my favorite and trendy fashion picks for the month of April.

Looking at some of my style picks, fashion has indeed come back full-circle. Designers are paying more attention to the cut, structure, and aesthetic of the clothing they put out. I love that designs are being pulled from the 70's to 90's fashion playbook. So let's get a look at a few items on my wishlist.

Cotton Poplin Dress

If there is a pattern I am excited about, its the return of the renaissance style-cut clothing. I'm going to hunt for a few in the coming months.

Strap Heels & Chunky Mules

I love that strap heels with cone shape are a thing, and I also love the chunky heel choice designers have opted to use for their mules. Everything screams vintage fashion. See me style an Aldo vintage shoe for my birthday and also my favorite chunky heel for spring.

The Attico heels
The Attico

The Attico mules are probably the most coveted shoe for spring and summer.


Knitted Fabrics


Hand bags



Worthy mention is the Roksanda oversized jacket with dual colors, Chloe cotton poplin mini dress , and Stella McCartney . What is your favorite fashion picks for spring, let me know in the comment section if you loved my choices and which is your favorite.


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