17 April 2021

Tips on How to Spend Your Weekend ft Burrow

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The purpose of this blog is to spark up ideas on how to spend your weekend by sharing how I spend mine.


How I Spend My Weekend

Lately, I have found myself spending my weekends in nostalgic drift. I’m either reading a fictional book, dancing to an old record on one of my two vinyl players or taking photos of myself. Either way, I’ve become more comfortable in my solitude, soaking in all the experience that follows.

My week is usually hectic, from managing a blog and business and to working full-time. I’m not complaining because last year, I could not pull myself to do any of the three. This year, I’ve been keen on freeing up my weekend to spend time with myself.

I’ve taken to putting puzzles together and making sure my bed is in order. There is something about having your room together that sets the magical tone for the weekend. During the weekend, I set time aside to journal or write a list of things I’ll love to accomplish by the end of the weekend- a helpful skill for holding myself accountable.

One more thing bringing me joy is my weekend blogpost “home echo,” where I highlight favourite my brands for the week through a lifestyle post. In today’s blog, I’ll be writing about Burrow, a NY based furniture brand that I worked with to design my space.

I mentioned in my minimalist bedroom blog post that I was intentional about decorating my space. I wanted brands that supported ideas that are important to me, for example, easy to fix, unique, simplicity and ethical means of production.

Home Echo with Burrow

Burrow met all the standards mentioned above, and I got a throw pillow cover, rug and armchair from them. So whether I am in my bedroom or living room, nothing feels out of place. You will find me mostly sitting in an armchair, which surprisingly took me 12-15 min to put together. It was a thing of pride, and I felt like bob the builder since I did not need assistance setting it up.

I have spent endless weeks in my armchair, reading the book, “All the Light we cannot see-” It is a page-turner, and I am taking my time to read this brilliant work by Anthony Doerr.

Other times, I am in my room pondering or scheduling blogpost. It has been a comfortable feeling, dwelling in my room because the soft rug, which is neither white nor grey, provides comfort to heels. I am also enjoying the idea of dressing up and looking pretty with nowhere to go. The list is endless of things I have been enjoying lately.

The older you get, the more you tend to your space both mentally and physically. Hence, I have structured my needs to be more quaint because we only live once.

How are you spending your weekend? I will like to know in the comment section below.


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