15 April 2021

You are More than What You Do: Styling Polka Dot

As humans we are more than what we do. I have been reflecting a lot lately on human complexity and how the world engages with it from a rigid standpoint or limited scope. For example, as a doctor people would have double takes when they see you DJ or rap (*ok might be an extreme example but you get the gist). My use of social media platforms, IG and Twitter inspired these thoughts as I now use it differently than I would in the past.

Polka Dot Dress

Previously, I struggled with how I was perceived (from my choice of words, to content I put out) with the content I shared on social media. Social media has made it hard to be flexible with the content we share. Or has made us adopt content strategies that aren't our niche focus.

The average human is intricately layered and complex, so why do we have a static view of how people should be?

Vintage Fashion with Belt

Before I continue, I want to chip in and say I miss writing deep messages with my blogposts. Like when I wrote about lessons from failing a lot and finding God outside the church. I have come to realize that y'all connect and engage better with these type of post. Frankly, there is no intentional ploy preventing me from writing these post. I just have all these ideas in my head that need a smooth logical flow and are concise. Also, a lot of work and time goes into copy editing a piece like this one, making it hard to it churn out as often as possible.

What You Do and The Reward for Conformity

One thing I've learned and made peace with, is that the world rewards you for conforming to it's standard. Dictionary.com defines "conform," as to "act in accord with the prevailing standards, attitudes, practices, etc., of society or a group" and cites an example." One has to conform in order to succeed in this company." To conform isn't always a negative verb but when weaponized, people can loose their agency and their complexity.

I've learned and made peace with the fact that the world rewards you for conforming

@t2pitchy on "you are more than what you do."

Girl smiling in vintage outfit

I enjoy music, books, and film, and other interest outside fashion. I want to freely share these interest respectfully on my platforms. But new algorithms and people's attitude towards content that doesn't fit their ideas of me has made me stoic. These days, I try to reject any need to conform to people's standard by sharing complex content that social media is constantly programming us to loose.

As we continuously groom our content and lives to fit into social media's approval, we become monolith in the way we see life, appreciate and create art- as conforming means being rewarded by the system. The reward (through likes, engagements and sponsorships (inserts *George Orwell Big Brother) is what keeps us in check.

Looking awesome

Being Free and The Reward for Non-Conformity

Regardless, there is always a place for fresh ideas and an audience that appreciates it. Often there will be a cost to pay for non-conformity in the same way we reward for conformity. But the freedom that comes with non-conformity is priceless- we have the leverage to do things on your own terms. For example, it allows us identify out true supporters while creating content is satisfying.

Lately, I've found satisfaction in posting my regular vintage-inspired content on my IG. A follower reminded me that people follow me for a reason and I shouldn't change that. In the past, I may have been guilty of wanting people to be a certain way, based on how I perceived them. But I'm unlearning and relearning new ways to engage with people's complexity.

Also, people change and when that change is healthy, we should learn to embrace it and their journey. Shoutout to my day one followers, who have seen me morph and still love me the same. So remember when next you want to share that content, to do so. Because you are more than what you do, you are who you are.

Styling Polka Dot

Hi readers, today, I am styling a vintage polka dot dress as part of my spring style series. So I realized while drafting this post that I barely style polka dot and I was taken aback by the revelation. One of my favorite looks of me in a polka outfit, is in this post "you're responsible for your happiness."

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