3 May 2021

3 Spring Neutral Colors To Make You Feel Confident

Styling Neutral Colors

Styling these 3 Neutral colors can make you feel confident. When we talk about spring colors, the first thing that comes to mind is bold shades on the colour wheel. Because of the loudness that comes with spring, I have carved out the last few weeks to style neutral colours. But I am not the only one predicting neutral tones for spring. 

Sak's Avenue Patel agrees with me in an editorial opinion on The Zoe Report  (TZR). Fashion trends for spring 2021 will not be all about the brightest and loudest shades you can find. As "white, cream, nude, and camel tones cleanse the palette and act as a base for the transitional months.” 

Since neutral tones are a blend of other colours, they work well as transitional tones. For spring, I am experimenting with different textures of smooth and rough materials. I discovered that understanding fabric textures is a prized skill for picking the right style/look. 

Choosing 3 Spring Colors

Black and White Office Look

Shop Look

Often, the question on peoples mind is picking the right neutral colour. For 2021 spring, I have opted to use the below colour chart as a style guide for items I add to my wardrobe. Although, I have had to constantly remind myself that black and white are both neutral colours. 

A Neutral color Chart

Brown Linen gown from Coldwatercreek

But it is no surprise that my default choice for spring is neutral. Neutral tones are my comfort zone. I even wrote a blog recommendation on how to style neutral colours. Outside being my comfort zone, neutral colours have a way of sparking inner confidence.

3 Neutral Colors that make you feel Confident
A smiling girl



On Being Confident 

There is no better feeling than stepping out in neutral colours. People are less likely to critique you for styling universally acceptable colours. I have noticed that I am more conscious of my looks when I step out in colour. Not that I care, but it is freeing to step out without second-guessing yourself.

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