2 May 2021

5 Photo Inspiration on How To Decorate Your Vinyl Corner

From Twenty Something

Welcome to this week's episode of Home Echo. In todays blog, I will be sharing some photo inspirations for vinyl record collectors. So, I started the habit of collecting Vinyls this year, after two of my friends purchased record players for my birthday. My Vinyl or awkward corner is a favorite space in my bedroom. And due to that, I have lots of Pinterest pins on how to decorate your vinyl corner.

Music has always been a strong part of who I am. So, when I decided to set up my space, I considered a music corner. A place for me to let my hair down, write, and reflect. I've been enjoying sounds from Etta James, Donna Summer and Marvin Gaye. Watch my weekend vlogs to see where I get my Vinyl records from in DC.

On my bedroom reveal blog post, I shared how I decorated my Vinyl corner. I am still on the move, and yet to find a space for a grand Vinyl corner reveal. But enjoy these photos that inspired me.

Notre Loft

Vinyl Decoration
Black & Blooms

5 Photo Inspiration on How to Decorate Your Vinyl Corner


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