21 August 2021

How To Upgrade Your Bedroom: 5 Unique Mirror Ideas

Mirrors make spaces look larger than life and I am a big fan of them (if a friend is reading this, gift me one). I have been inspired lately by unique mirrors and decided to put together 5 unique mirror ideas to spice up your bedroom.

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Back to today’s post, I live for mirrors, for their illumination under bright lights and how they make us feel confident. But there are other reasons why mirrors are great, they give character to spaces that ordinarily would appear forlorn, and some say a good mirror can transform a space or make a room look bigger.

Regardless, there is no denying that mirrors are essential elements to add to our rooms.

Here are a few mirror ideas to give your space that unique and grand feel.

3-set metal framed mirrors

These set of mirrors which double as storage elements are one of a kind. stumbled on them while researching this blog post.

Metal Mirrors

Minimalist Room Mirror Decoration

Modernist style cut mirror

Mirror as Artifact

A space defining Mirror stand


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