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When it comes to fall fashion, there are a few styles we see repeated year-in and year-out. For example, the trench coat with the knit scarf, sweater, a monochrome blazer look, or lace-up boot.

But lately, we have seen fashion evolve from basic to concepts, and sometimes I wonder if fall fashion trends have taken or will up the challenge. In today’s post, I spotlight 5-fall 2021 trends, most of which are being revisited, recycled or blatantly lifted from the past, with few distinguishing features.

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I have stalled this post for fall trends for 3-weeks, and only today, had time to revisit it. The reason? The weather has reminded me of how lovely the first month of fall gets before the cold gets out of.

Fall Trends

So for fall this year, we are seeing a few trends from 2015 (see here) make their comeback in style. At first, it felt like a one-off thing when I saw the first set of loafers pop up on my Instagram feed, and now I see it everywhere. But loafers are not the only trend to look out for, color block patterns are back, and so is fur and wool hats.

Rihanna’s styling of the wool hat sparked a lot of interest, which I can foretell will be a fall trend. Wool hat has so many origins, including dating back to Europe by the Mongolian tribe, but within pop culture, Pamela Anderson is famed for the trend.

Sequin Clothing

Another trend to make a comeback is sequin clothing; especially in suits, blouses, skirts and gowns, and I am here for it! There are years when we don’t get to revisit the sequin clothing trend, and 2021 isn’t one of them. I have not always a fan of sequin, but adulthood means that sometimes our taste changes. I have worn a sequin piece this year too, see here.

Bottega Veneta

                                   David Koma

Surprisingly, I have gotten very comfortable with seeing people rock a sequin look. For the longest time, sequin clothing was my worst pattern to see on anyone, because I just believed they looked tacky. But I’ve grown into loving it, which is a fashion trait I could foresee myself loving as I got into adulthood.


For fall this year, we will see loafers styled with in a very interesting way. The new trend has people layering their loafers with stockings, and styled with unique pieces, including suits, poplin gowns and oversized shirts.

Color Block Fashion

As mentioned earlier, color block patterns back in similar colors that were a trend from 2013 -2015. From the runway to street style, it is exciting to see orange mixed with pink, red with green, and other outlandish colors back on-trend.

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Leather Skirts/Pants

Fashion items making a comeback, which have never really been out of fashion, is the leather skirt and pants. For fall this year, they are back by popular demand. There is something about wearing a leather clothing that is unique and makes one look put together.


Sweater Vest and Fuzzy Fur Bucket Hats

The sweater vest is another trend that is making a fashionable comeback. It is one of my favorite trends, and I can see myself indulging in a couple of sweater vest pieces this fall. Rihanna is a trend setter! So when she wore a fuzzy fur bucket hat consecutively, the girls had to go find them. Between, I was one of those girls!


Crop Jackets, Knit Wears

And finally, for the holiday season, we are likely to see more crop jackets, turtle neck, knitwear, and more glittering party outfits. I love the crop jacket trend, I think its fresh and modern! I am also looking to see how people will play with their knitwear, because its a trend we have seen all year!


Let me know the fall trend that you are looking forward to purchasing. I am also looking forward to wearing my backpack more often this season.


Here are a Few Unique Fall Trends from Milan Fashion Week


Looking back at 2020, from the buttoned down gowns, to the silk scarf and beret trend, and the shedding of accessories, there is an undeniable influence of French fashion in trends we saw. However, this is not the first time fashion has slipped up notes to mirror French fashion. In the early 1900's brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and the list could go on were instrumental in shaping fashion as reflected in film and runways. The styles and couture displayed on the runway were reinvented as they trickled to mainstream fashion and not much has changed since then. 

It's Christmas season and I'm reminded of how much my personal style, over the years has been inspired by the French, see here, here, here and here. I am posting this OOTD as an Ode to my style evolution on this blog as I didn't do much of style post this year. And seeing as I'm about to embrace a new way of life in the coming year, I felt this would be a great post.  Read more about the evolution of French fashion which I fond insightful.

Outfit Details


Shoe: Stuart Weitzman

Bag: Furla

Sweatshirt: H&M

  I remember clearly when I started this blog and the zeal that came with sharing everything and anything- that was before Instagram came and took away that joy. Over the years Instagram has also been helpful in supporting my work but recently, it's been a platform that has triggered my anxiety, wasted my time and continue to berate the amount of work I put into creating my content. 

So like a prodigal child, I am back to creating more daily post on my blog platform with short captions or short stories. Today's look was edited with a fall theme in mind, with highlights of fallen leaves. Fall fashion isn't really my strong suit, but I love any opportunity to layer and wear oversized jumpers or jackets. 

Sadly, I am not exploring other hair colors this year like I've done in previous years, see here and here- and I'm sticking to auburn. I want to hear what y'all are up to and working towards in fall.




Bag: Delovetofficial

Shoe: Stuart Weitzman

 Jacket/Pants: Thrift.

 I miss documenting on here, my favorite fashion pieces I purchase or get from brands that I love. The closest link I could find  NEW IN FASHION HAUL WITH JUMIA and the other NEW IN CLOTHING ITEM WITH NEW CHIC 

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Ojai Bamboo Baguette

Marta Halter Maxi Dress (buy here)

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This dress beat my imagination, the fitting, the layering was done appropriately. A 10/10 for me and a recommended buy.

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