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When it comes to fall fashion, there are a few styles we see repeated year-in and year-out. For example, the trench coat with the knit scarf, sweater, a monochrome blazer look, or lace-up boot.

But lately, we have seen fashion evolve from basic to concepts, and sometimes I wonder if fall fashion trends have taken or will up the challenge. In today’s post, I spotlight 5-fall 2021 trends, most of which are being revisited, recycled or blatantly lifted from the past, with few distinguishing features.

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I have stalled this post for fall trends for 3-weeks, and only today, had time to revisit it. The reason? The weather has reminded me of how lovely the first month of fall gets before the cold gets out of.

Fall Trends

So for fall this year, we are seeing a few trends from 2015 (see here) make their comeback in style. At first, it felt like a one-off thing when I saw the first set of loafers pop up on my Instagram feed, and now I see it everywhere. But loafers are not the only trend to look out for, color block patterns are back, and so is fur and wool hats.

Rihanna’s styling of the wool hat sparked a lot of interest, which I can foretell will be a fall trend. Wool hat has so many origins, including dating back to Europe by the Mongolian tribe, but within pop culture, Pamela Anderson is famed for the trend.

Sequin Clothing

Another trend to make a comeback is sequin clothing; especially in suits, blouses, skirts and gowns, and I am here for it! There are years when we don’t get to revisit the sequin clothing trend, and 2021 isn’t one of them. I have not always a fan of sequin, but adulthood means that sometimes our taste changes. I have worn a sequin piece this year too, see here.

Bottega Veneta

                                   David Koma

Surprisingly, I have gotten very comfortable with seeing people rock a sequin look. For the longest time, sequin clothing was my worst pattern to see on anyone, because I just believed they looked tacky. But I’ve grown into loving it, which is a fashion trait I could foresee myself loving as I got into adulthood.


For fall this year, we will see loafers styled with in a very interesting way. The new trend has people layering their loafers with stockings, and styled with unique pieces, including suits, poplin gowns and oversized shirts.

Color Block Fashion

As mentioned earlier, color block patterns back in similar colors that were a trend from 2013 -2015. From the runway to street style, it is exciting to see orange mixed with pink, red with green, and other outlandish colors back on-trend.

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Leather Skirts/Pants

Fashion items making a comeback, which have never really been out of fashion, is the leather skirt and pants. For fall this year, they are back by popular demand. There is something about wearing a leather clothing that is unique and makes one look put together.


Sweater Vest and Fuzzy Fur Bucket Hats

The sweater vest is another trend that is making a fashionable comeback. It is one of my favorite trends, and I can see myself indulging in a couple of sweater vest pieces this fall. Rihanna is a trend setter! So when she wore a fuzzy fur bucket hat consecutively, the girls had to go find them. Between, I was one of those girls!


Crop Jackets, Knit Wears

And finally, for the holiday season, we are likely to see more crop jackets, turtle neck, knitwear, and more glittering party outfits. I love the crop jacket trend, I think its fresh and modern! I am also looking to see how people will play with their knitwear, because its a trend we have seen all year!


Let me know the fall trend that you are looking forward to purchasing. I am also looking forward to wearing my backpack more often this season.


Here are a Few Unique Fall Trends from Milan Fashion Week


Styling Neutral Colors

Styling these 3 Neutral colors can make you feel confident. When we talk about spring colors, the first thing that comes to mind is bold shades on the colour wheel. Because of the loudness that comes with spring, I have carved out the last few weeks to style neutral colours. But I am not the only one predicting neutral tones for spring. 

Sak's Avenue Patel agrees with me in an editorial opinion on The Zoe Report  (TZR). Fashion trends for spring 2021 will not be all about the brightest and loudest shades you can find. As "white, cream, nude, and camel tones cleanse the palette and act as a base for the transitional months.” 

Since neutral tones are a blend of other colours, they work well as transitional tones. For spring, I am experimenting with different textures of smooth and rough materials. I discovered that understanding fabric textures is a prized skill for picking the right style/look. 

Choosing 3 Spring Colors

Black and White Office Look

Shop Look

Often, the question on peoples mind is picking the right neutral colour. For 2021 spring, I have opted to use the below colour chart as a style guide for items I add to my wardrobe. Although, I have had to constantly remind myself that black and white are both neutral colours. 

A Neutral color Chart

Brown Linen gown from Coldwatercreek

But it is no surprise that my default choice for spring is neutral. Neutral tones are my comfort zone. I even wrote a blog recommendation on how to style neutral colours. Outside being my comfort zone, neutral colours have a way of sparking inner confidence.

3 Neutral Colors that make you feel Confident
A smiling girl



On Being Confident 

There is no better feeling than stepping out in neutral colours. People are less likely to critique you for styling universally acceptable colours. I have noticed that I am more conscious of my looks when I step out in colour. Not that I care, but it is freeing to step out without second-guessing yourself.

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Lupita Nyongo Boss Look

Hi, welcome to 2021. In today's blog discussion, I am sharing a few products I put together on my ShopStyle Collective page (you can shop directly from these links). These product picks are inspired by the fashionable Lupita Nyongo whose style I've followed since she had her fairytale debut at the Oscars in 2014 

I stumbled on today's photo by deliberately searching the phrase 'Lupita Nyongo in blazers.' Firstly, I was taken aback by the bland looks suggested by google while exploring fashion ideas that could be a good fit for Google SEO rankings when looking for 'female board meeting looks,' and 'Work outfits for Women.' But my troubles were not limited to the scant image suggestions or boring looks but also to the few black women featured. I've been unsettled in that regard!

Last year, a lot of tech bias was highlighted when people stepped forward to echo an end to systemic racism and injustice, which was sparked by unfortunate events in the US. As someone who contributes content to the internet and has the ability to skew the data towards a somewhat positive line, I am hoping to reduce bias on the internet through content post like this. 

They say little drops make an ocean isn't it? 

What are your thoughts on this look and do you see yourself rocking it? I'll love to know in the comment box below.  


For some reason, this year, asides the current global health challenges is giving me 2016 vibes. But I cannot say asides right, because the current challenges are people's reality that I cannot just scoff at. I have  enjoyed blogging  and I am excited to see the blog would be 10-years, this year. A huge milestone that I could not envisage when I decided to create it. It's been a pleasure watching this community grow and expand and to see the amazing feat my readers have achieved- including creating their own blogs and growing their social media channels by sharing their own stories. 

To continue to keep the excitement, I am bringing back more intentional content on this page, from fashion and lifestyle to home decorations and home activities. The current stay home trend means a lot of you would be looking for inspiration on how to spend your time and I hope I'm able to inspire you a great deal.

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Denim never gets old, and I can pick several pieces in my wardrobe made of denim (Skirts, jackets, pants that are a flare, hightop and skinny). Somehow, Denim will never go out of fashion. It's amazing the different ways denim garments are redesigned to keep them in style, from adding floral patches, ripped jeans and recently just letting them be.
    I found this beautiful denim skirt that clung to my hip side, making me move in such a carefree but sublime manner. what are your favourite ways to wear denim and do you still hunt for types of denim that are irregular to make it different?


Lately, I am learning few life lessons that ages ago if I was told about this basic principles I would only take it at face value. One of those lessons I will share with you today and that is being responsible for your happiness. Happiness is a state of being happy often associated with contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, merriment, joy, well-being, etc (thank you Google). Among the list mentioned in the last sentence we often times associate with material things or money and yes money and the good things in life matter, but it does not bring you to the state of happiness. 

I have been going through a tough time lately with raising my tuition, but I have slept the best, done my school work with a clear head and have not had to worry. The bible lays emphasis on this in two books Luke and Mathew and today for this lets look at Luke 12:25-31 (NIV) "Who of you by worrying can add an hour to your life? Since you cannot do this little thing, why do you worry about the rest?" the passage goes on to explain that even the other things added to the world like flowers and bird are taken care of and how more about us created in God's image?. 

Since I came to the real understanding of that verse which took forever, I have found myself in this cheerful or happy state where I do not think so much about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself.

 Today's Outfit:
The internet over the past few days have opened up discussions on being truthful about this fashion or blogging journey which people have taken out of hand, context and reality. First, I will love to add that this life isn't to please anyone but God and yourself and sometimes family because they count. Outside this group of persons any pressure you put on yourself to conform becomes a bad thing (simply put). 


I was gunning for a vintage look, and what better way than to color blog in polka dot. Polka dot is always a trusted entry way to a vintage glam. what are your thoughts?

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Hello loves, so today I'm doing a post based on a readers suggestion, y'all should keep it coming I read them and try to respond immediately so send your suggestions.

I don't know if y'all have heard of the Cleveland  shooting and how an individual decided to take the life of an innocent old man (a total stranger to the culprit) because his girlfriend had refused to return his call...

Lately it's been a struggle penning blog post most especially with the light situation in Nigeria, but we still pushing

So this topic idea came from a Cassie Daves's blog planner that I reviewed here y'all have to get it to help grow your blogs so many gems in there.

With the current situation of things it's really difficult to appreciate little things around us so today I'll be sharing 5 things I'm happy about

1) safety: the rate at which people have been missing lately, calls for prayers and gratefulness whenever you wake to know you're where you want to be.

2) Job security: Although mine may not be a fancy paying one, a lot of people would give an arm or foot to be employed somewhere, considering I'm not part of the regular statistics.

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