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When it comes to fall fashion, there are a few styles we see repeated year-in and year-out. For example, the trench coat with the knit scarf, sweater, a monochrome blazer look, or lace-up boot.

But lately, we have seen fashion evolve from basic to concepts, and sometimes I wonder if fall fashion trends have taken or will up the challenge. In today’s post, I spotlight 5-fall 2021 trends, most of which are being revisited, recycled or blatantly lifted from the past, with few distinguishing features.

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I have stalled this post for fall trends for 3-weeks, and only today, had time to revisit it. The reason? The weather has reminded me of how lovely the first month of fall gets before the cold gets out of.

Fall Trends

So for fall this year, we are seeing a few trends from 2015 (see here) make their comeback in style. At first, it felt like a one-off thing when I saw the first set of loafers pop up on my Instagram feed, and now I see it everywhere. But loafers are not the only trend to look out for, color block patterns are back, and so is fur and wool hats.

Rihanna’s styling of the wool hat sparked a lot of interest, which I can foretell will be a fall trend. Wool hat has so many origins, including dating back to Europe by the Mongolian tribe, but within pop culture, Pamela Anderson is famed for the trend.

Sequin Clothing

Another trend to make a comeback is sequin clothing; especially in suits, blouses, skirts and gowns, and I am here for it! There are years when we don’t get to revisit the sequin clothing trend, and 2021 isn’t one of them. I have not always a fan of sequin, but adulthood means that sometimes our taste changes. I have worn a sequin piece this year too, see here.

Bottega Veneta

                                   David Koma

Surprisingly, I have gotten very comfortable with seeing people rock a sequin look. For the longest time, sequin clothing was my worst pattern to see on anyone, because I just believed they looked tacky. But I’ve grown into loving it, which is a fashion trait I could foresee myself loving as I got into adulthood.


For fall this year, we will see loafers styled with in a very interesting way. The new trend has people layering their loafers with stockings, and styled with unique pieces, including suits, poplin gowns and oversized shirts.

Color Block Fashion

As mentioned earlier, color block patterns back in similar colors that were a trend from 2013 -2015. From the runway to street style, it is exciting to see orange mixed with pink, red with green, and other outlandish colors back on-trend.

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Leather Skirts/Pants

Fashion items making a comeback, which have never really been out of fashion, is the leather skirt and pants. For fall this year, they are back by popular demand. There is something about wearing a leather clothing that is unique and makes one look put together.


Sweater Vest and Fuzzy Fur Bucket Hats

The sweater vest is another trend that is making a fashionable comeback. It is one of my favorite trends, and I can see myself indulging in a couple of sweater vest pieces this fall. Rihanna is a trend setter! So when she wore a fuzzy fur bucket hat consecutively, the girls had to go find them. Between, I was one of those girls!


Crop Jackets, Knit Wears

And finally, for the holiday season, we are likely to see more crop jackets, turtle neck, knitwear, and more glittering party outfits. I love the crop jacket trend, I think its fresh and modern! I am also looking to see how people will play with their knitwear, because its a trend we have seen all year!


Let me know the fall trend that you are looking forward to purchasing. I am also looking forward to wearing my backpack more often this season.


Here are a Few Unique Fall Trends from Milan Fashion Week


Summer has come and gone with the same vim of harmattan breeze, but most of the memories from this year’s vacation will stay with me forever. For the first time in a while, I could afford to plan a summer holiday with fewer worries.

A few summers ago, I had to worry about grad tuition, a summer job (that I never got). And the summer after that, I had to worry about getting a real job. So, I couldn’t bask in summer joy as most people would! Everything was still, but my heart was troubled.

There are a plethora of reasons why people travel. So, when I decided to plan for vacation this year, I thought it wise to escape to a quiet place. You know, I did not want it to be lavish or loud, neither did I want to travel for the gram. I just wanted quiet!

But that is not to say that any of the ways (mentioned above) for sharing or relishing travel experience(s) is improper. It’s just that I am learning to experience things and recant them numerous times in memory before sharing them publicly.

The Journey

For this summer travel, I decided to go to a quiet place to rediscover things about myself that are known and uncover strange things. I wanted to sit with myself in quiet, listen to trees whistle, laugh at my thoughts, and enjoy solitude. The city does not allow for the exciting experience of solitude.

Cities are often loud, filled with prying eyes, and an opulence that reminds us of our wants, with little space to be thankful.

Embracing Solitude

I decided to take the train down South of the United States, the Grand Budapest way, and my goodness- it is one of my best trips. I wasn’t privy to the general knowledge that Amtrak was comfortable. The ride was quiet, had good leg space, and a dining room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thankfully, I could secure an Airbnb in a safe village, with verdant farmland, closer in proximity to the city. I was surprised (actually happy) not to see children and would hear the revving of a car engine every few hours.

I was content!

Also, reminded that outside of the city, in a rural setting, is a life outside of my daily wants. The natural things of life creep up in dreams- love, books, friendship, family. At that moment, the world feels small, but there is contentment.

To be continued…

Outfit Details


Linen Pants: Glassons

Shirt: Korean Brand (Everyday people)

Sandals: Gafasandals

Tote Bag: Similar here

It’s the start of a new week, and I’m currently watching the evening sun set through the transparent screen of my slow moving train.

About my weekend- I planned a getaway trip for myself to a farm 9-hours away from DC! So, my weekend was for running a few errands in my Levi’s pirate collar shirt and ribcage jeans and putting a few things together for the trip. 

I really fell in love with this sailor-collared shirt from Levi, once I laid eyes on them. Including their ribcage jeans- they’re flattering. The sailor-collared shirt had been on my wishlist for a min, and having it in my wardrobe from a collaboration, is evidence that good things come to those who are patient. 

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I am at a phase in my life where I just do my work and strive for stillness. I write mostly on my social media how the world is a lot of noise, and I am striving to use media to read more writings, as against videos( let’s just say it’s a personal protest).

Podcast Spotlight

Lewis Howes

I got into listening to podcasts more frequently during the pandemic last year. There is something about podcast that tends to answer questions from our inner yearnings. When we find the right ones, we realize we are not alone in our thoughts and struggles.

One podcast I’ve listened to with consistency is “The School of Greatness” with Lewis Howes. I enjoyed his recent episode that featured Jonathan Fields, where they discussed “Dealing with Burnout and Finding your Work Spark.”

The thoughts, ideas, and advice shared came at such an important time, where I’m navigating the pace of work in fulfilling my life’s vision. 

Really proud of the little habits that I’ve sustained. At the end of the day “we are our habits in sum.”

I have been curating a list of 5 things under $50 to share on the blog. Today, I’ll be sharing a few home goods from my recent purchase or which I intend to purchase that don’t wreck the bank. I felt this post will be helpful if you’re a student heading back to school or decorating on a budget.

Often times when things are affordable, we tend dismiss them for being poor quality. But sometimes these products are of good quality and provide the same service as other high end brands. Now, I know I am promoting amazon despite my angst with Bezos accumulating all these unhealthy wealth. But there is no denying that the convenience, delivery time and access to amazing products, reduces competition for Amazon.

Let’s get into the products. I have chosen products that have a unique edge and can make any space look elevated and modern.

A SOFSYS Work from Home Desk $37.99:

This SOFSYS work desk is a great affordable fit for students living in a small studio bedroom, or those working from home temporarily. The delivery time if you live in DC, is 2-business days. I have enjoyed using their product so I highly recommend.

Atlinia Linen Pillowcase $35.90

I have purchased a few items from Atlinia, and featured them in a blog post here. Excited to see that the brand is now available on Amazon, with items listed that are below $50. These throw linen pillow sham or pillow cover are a recommended purchase.

Printed, Linen-Textured Floral Curtain $36.99

If you’re looking for something bright to add to your bedroom as fall approaches, I recommend this July Joy sunny floral sheer curtain. Curtains are on my purchase list for fall, I just need to figure out my window measurements and how to hang the panels. If you have recommendation tips let me know, or I could actually just find a YouTube tutorial.

A Bamboo side Table 41.99

If you are a looking for a cute coffee, plant, or flower table like I am, then this item will be a great buy.

click here to purchase

Modern Farmhouse Side/End Table Shelf $49.99

If you are looking for a unique side table with a little shelf, I would recommend this item. I particularly love the model image used to sell the item, it’s the right design-use story for the product. Click here to purchase

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Levi’s Vest

Last weekend I wore one of my favorite Levi’s clothing (a sweater vest) to grab tea with someone I have no intention of meeting again. But let me also note that last week was interesting. I had lovely dinner dates with old acquaintances, and then there was the Teaism date- the one person that ruined it all.

First, there is something about catching up with old friends that rejuvenates. These friends remind us of our greatness, beauty and talent. And the past week was replete with such memories. At some point during the whole experience, I felt 23 again.

Why 23? Because 23 was one of my best years. Nothing at the moment seemed impossible, and life was fulfilling and content.


Teaism Memories

So back to Teasim and why that memory stood out. I decided recently to start dating for character development. America is a land filled with unique people, and most people seem to treat you like their past traumas. The only good thing that came out of the date was having tea at Teaism.

Teaism is a tea spot in DC with traditional loose leave flavors. I love this spot at Dupont circle because of its indoor vintage ambience. The teacups did not have handles and it felt nostalgic- If you are a fan of Asian historical movies, you’ll find out that their traditional teacups are without handles.

I ordered a Jasmin flower tea, which is my favorite tea delight.

Styling a Levi’s Sweater Vest

My outfit was a quick decision. I have worn my Levi’s vest consecutively in the past week. I love the soft feel and how it seems to go well with everything I pair it with.

Today will mark 12 days past 4-years since I arrived in the US for my graduate school journey, and my experience has been bittersweet. There are things I know now that reflecting, and in hindsight, I would have done differently. But this journey is one I have come to embrace fully.

See the previous blog of my graduate school experience, here and here.

When I moved to this country, I was vulnerable online sharing my challenges and progress, but that changed. I realised that my brands (fashion, academic and footwear), were suffering greatly from my publicly shared struggle.


I woke up one day and decided against it. And because I have been out of tune with my vulnerable side, I almost forgot to celebrate this 4th milestone.

Previously, I had felt that by being vulnerable online, that a lot of people would be inspired by my journey. While that may be true, I found it hard to balance out the information I was giving out (oversharing). So, I made the switch.

Life since has been lovely. I haven’t shared much of it because people like it when there is an air of mystery around what you do and how you do it.

But life is happening, and sometimes I want to tell these stories. For example, one day I want to write how being an immigrant makes you feel empty on the inside, I want to write about the loneliness, the first miracle you experience, finding joy again, etc. And I think I will.

Teju cole alludes to a similar feeling in “Known and Strange Things” …he writes… “finding solace in the idea of being in one place while desiring another, not for the sake of being in that other place…”


I am thankful for my time at Georgetown, without which my current opportunities would have been impossible. Thinking of the joy that I have experienced these past months, I am open to telling my stories again. I remember that morning when things changed. I woke wanting control of the ideas of me which people had formed from the stories I told.

Now that I have practiced balance with how to share my stories, I want to write about them again. However, my intention to be vulnerable again is now a way to document my progress and not so much about inspiring people. Having the understanding that my writing can be both is still a skill I am practicing.

When I stopped being vulnerable online, my decision was costly! I had lost my relation with empathy, and also my skill to write for an audience. But by looking at old stories, me being vulnerable online then, was as much for me as they were for my audience.

As I celebrate this milestone, I open the floodgates again to myself and the people who care to read. Also, a big shoutout to my readers and online community. Y’all showed up for me while I was in the trenches and I am a big fan of your kindness.

I look forward to writing to you soon.


Shoe: Nike

Skirt: HM

Top: Saks Fifth Avenue

Bag: Delovetofficial

Denim is one fashion piece that can be easily found in anyones wardrobe regardless of economic status. It is also easy to style and there are no much rules on how to wear them. For 2021 fashion trends, I will share a simple denim rule that I stick to when in doubt. I love a good denim and I have styled them in a couple of ways, see “denim revival” and “a simple denim rule.”

I mean even Levi’s realized that. Just last week I collaborated with them on their recently opened store at Arlington, Fashion Center Pentagon City. I was allowed to take home two Levi’s ribcage denims from their recently launched collection. Excited much!

Girl standing with Denim shorts

But this post is not about the collaboration but more about a simple rule I apply when choosing denim products. Actually, there are a couple of things I look out for, from color shades, to the button or zip pattern, but they are not as important than this next rule.

When choosing a denim, I automatically ask myself, how would my white t-shirt look with this? I realized this was a pattern after seeing several photos of me in a repeated denim styling pattern.

Denim High Waisted Shorts Trend

A few images to inspire how next you style your denim high-waisted shorts.

I am experimenting with my style for summer by leaning into pieces that I’m known for. In today’s post, I am styling a black sheer skirt but also pointing out some flaws.

Writing this for fashion beginners who are looking to experiment with their style this summer. First, I sometimes start out with a mood board or pins when I find looks that I am interested in.

There is no shame in learning the ropes from others. Once in a while, when I’m unsure of how an item will look on me, I go on Pinterest or look up some of my faves for they have styled it.

Styling A Sheer Black Skirt

Styling a sheer skirt or sheer fashion piece can be tricky, however, if you get it right, the outcome is amazing. For this sheer look, I had made the mistake of wearing a white top that is visible on the outside. The right thing to do when styling a sheer piece, is to wear similar color shades, for the outfit to blend seamlessly.

Another way, I could have styled this, was to wear a black underwear and a fitted top, that stops nicely at the top hem of the skirt.

During my draft of this post, I also felt wearing an asymmetrical blouse that runs down to the mid-hip. I’ll try it out and let y’all know the result. But I did try to redeem myself by styling the skirt in two different ways, see below.

What are your thoughts on today’s look?

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I got a friend, let’s name her *Eve for the purpose of this article to write a story about her emigration experience. I hope you enjoy this read, and please share with your audience.

An image of a couch

A Baby Cockroach Shells Methaphor

When I was younger, we had these “cushion chairs” in the living room at our house in Lagos. “Cushion” because I’m not quite sure of the actual name, but they weren’t leather. They weren’t quite plush either, but I liked them. Anyway, they had this space underneath the arm corners that I thought were bottomless.

I mean, I figured they led to another dimension or something, so I’d put all my trash there – candy/biscuit wrappers, nail clippings, torn papers, whatever. Looking back, it was an extremely stupid thing to do, but I swear, I thought things just disappeared in those corners. 

I spent a lot of my childhood watching TV so I was in my living room a lot. Sat on those chairs a lot, inspecting them and disposing of trash inside them. Another favorite thing was the baby cockroach shells I’d find in those cushion chairs. Again, I’m not sure this is what they are actually called, but I think one of my siblings told me that’s the name. They were kind of square shaped, dark brown, and usually empty. I’d wonder what the actual inhabitants looked like now that they’d left, or what they looked like while they were there…inside. Now as an adult, I find myself thinking of those damn things.

I mean, I figured they led to another dimension or something, so I’d put all my trash there – candy/biscuit wrappers, nail clippings, torn papers, whatever. Looking back, it was an extremely stupid thing to do, but I swear, I thought things just disappeared in those corners. 

Reminiscing About Moving to A New Country

You would wonder why this mundane tale but I moved to another country in 2019. Another continent, another everything. Well, not quite everything, they speak English here. Honestly, I don’t have a “concrete” reason for this move. It’s something my mother wanted, it’s something I thought would be cool. It sounded like the smart thing to do at the time…it was the smart thing to do at the time. So now, I’m in a different country, far away from my family and friends whom I really liked. 

It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been this far away. I mean, I spent a lot of my formative years in Abuja, and when I moved back to Lagos, I  always had it at the back of my mind that I could always vex and go back to Abuja, or go back for a week or two to recharge. So moving never felt like a big deal. But I don’t have that this time. This time, it feels like I’ve lost a part of me I’ll never get back. Like, I should’ve thought harder about what I was doing, should’ve prepared myself more, should’ve appreciated more.

This time, it feels like I’ve lost a part of me I’ll never get back. Like, I should’ve thought harder about what I was doing, should’ve prepared myself more, should’ve appreciated more.

Everyone’s emigration story is different. I mean, my sisters moved to different countries (one more than once) and I don’t think they had as much of a hard time as I have. And I’ve had friends do the same and even start families and they seem fine? But I’m not fine and I don’t know how to be fine or if I ever can be again. 

Life Now and Thoughts of Loosing Myself

I mean, I’m okay now…it’s been 2.5 years so I’ve caught my balance a bit, but boy, did I hit a low. And the annoying thing is, I can’t point to one specific thing that caused this – it’s a culmination of “minor” things that hit my not quite stable mental state.

Being broke, having to start from scratch, losing comforts, losing family, losing friends, WINTER, hating the food (meat is weird and mangos are shit), hating the way they braid hair, hating the price of braiding hair, hating the apartments, feeling alone, WINTER, losing energy for anything, having to make new friends but not quite liking the people I come across, having to build a hotation. The stupidity I’ve had to field from stupid people on dating sites (okay, this happened in Lagos, but I’m still pissed), WINTER, losing my hair (I’m still recovering from this), dealing with flatmates, dealing with upstairs neighbours, talking in a stupid accent, and all that not so fun stuff.

Being broke, having to start from scratch, losing comforts, losing family, losing friends, WINTER, hating the food (meat is weird and mangos are shit), hating the way they braid hair, hating the price of braiding hair, hating the apartments, feeling alone, WINTER, losing energy for anything, having to make new friends but not quite liking the people I come across, having to build a hotation.

Honestly, it’s not so much the loneliness as it is the fact that I no longer feel like myself – I feel like those stupid baby cockroach sheels. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like I’ve “had” to change so much to adapt to the new things and so much of my old self is gone, and I have no idea who this new person is or supposed to be. My sister jokes a lot about how I do/eat stuff I ordinarily wouldn’t, and when she goes, “who is the person??” I want to cry that I don’t know. 

Figuring Things Out

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I enjoy trying new things, I’m just sad that whoever I was before 2019 is no longer here. And it’s affected a lot of my old friendships. Two weeks ago, a friend from secondary school told me she stopped chatting with me because I came off as stuck up when in actual fact, I spent all of 2019 depressed and crying. Okay, we could unpack why this friend couldn’t have been more charitable towards me and had an honest conversation, but these things are hard.

But that made me wonder if I’m the reason my friends don’t talk to me much. I mean, I did have some resentment because it felt like everyone moved on and I wasn’t in the picture any longer and maybe they just didn’t love me as much as I loved them, but maybe it was me all along and they didn’t feel like/know how to reach out. I’m rambling.

Anyway, as shitty as this post is, it’s my way of saying, I was down in the fucking dumps and I’m finally getting better. Might take me another year to be “good” but I”m celebrating this progress. I cut my hair and then locked it myself (you can’t tell me nothing, I’m proud of myself), I got an apartment to myself (in a “sketchy” neighbourhood but whatever), and I have a cat; something I’ve wanted since 2017 but wasn’t quite proactive about.

An Ode to Old Things

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I have been thinking a lot about those damn baby cockroach shells. How often the empty shells are metaphors of my past self, reminding me of who I once was and what I am leaving behind.

Also, If you’re my friend and you’re somehow reading this, I’m sorry I couldn’t get over myself and be the friend I used to be. Not too sorry, though. You weren’t too spectacular yourself.

Fun fact, before writing this post, I was ranting it to someone about the need to put this up, and they go, “you’re really writing about nails?” And my expression was like heck yea!

Sometime in January, I was bored and decided within myself to try out press on nails with colorful tips. It was not the first time I was fixing one. A year back, I had walked into a local African store looking for eye pencils ✏️ and stumbled upon these set of press-on nails, and I decided to get them because Dimmah Umeh, a popular YouTuber had posted about it .

I used them for my birthday but didn’t like the overall experience. They were cute for photos I took, but the glue used to stick the nails left damaging traits

Let me digress 

When I started my blog a decade ago, I would write about everything and anything. See here and here. I had a segments to write on “Details about my Hair.”

To be fair, I was more intentional about creating content and without caution. But things seem to have changed a lot since then. Now content creating has a different technical aspect to it, and that has created unnecessary pressure.

Outside of the technicality required of blogs,  social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, there is also the fading of readership.  

But I’m still part of a community of dedicated blog readers that love the simple and carefree way people create content. And I am bringing back some of my favorite things to write about.

So when I decide to write content like this, I take solace in the idea that my blog started as an open diary. An idea that keeps me putting content here ever when blog readership seems to obliterate.

Although, I still think people read blogs and if the topic is interesting enough, they’ll comment on it.

Back to details about my Press On nails.

So, when I found these press on nails on Aliexpress, for less than $5, and a year after my last experience, I told myself to give them another try. It was worth it! When they arrived, they were the right shade of purple as I had seen on the website, lightweight and had a great glue for perfect finish.

You can read more on how to shop on Aliexpress here. It may not be good writing but you’ll get the drill about shopping on the platform.

I posted photos of the nails a while ago on my IG and promised to write a blog post on them. And like everything lately, they’ve taken time to go up, but I have kept my promise of writing about them.

Why I Chose Press On Nails

Outside the easy to fix element of press on nails, they’re also very affordable. In February of this year, I went to fix my nails and the price for such a horrible job done, let me embittered for a long time. Plus the time it took for the lady to do such a shabby job was not worth it.

So, on nails are not only affordable, there are a wide range of colors and cuts, that serve many purposes.

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The legendary Dr. Martens are popular, not only for their durability and comfort, but because they’re a fashion statement. Thanks to @famousfootwear for expediting my access to these gorgeous white pair. I love a pair of Dr. Martens because they’re iconic and recognizable. You can totally spot a pair of Docs from a mile away!

Unconventional or eccentric were the words I thought of on how to style these high-platform sandals from Dr Martens. Also, shoutout to Nana who shot these photos on short notice. It’s been a long time since I did a proper street style fashion post, see here and here.

The Dr Martens gladiator sandals seem to be up on the list of coveted fashion items for summer. Although I wanted black, I was able to get them in white through Famous Footwear.


 White Gladiator Sandals                                Black Gladiator Sandals 

   Styling Dr Martens Gladiator Sandals

As summer plans are being made, to make up for lost times, footwear like the pair I am styling are top on my list of my favorite things to wear outdoors. And yes, like everyone, I’m excited to be out, grabbing lunch and going on dates for good food!


A sequin oversized top with a fro hair turned out really nice. The look felt eccentric just as I had imagined it and the sunglasses finished off the look.


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